• Fully guaranteed 50 year tax and title searches, complying with the Cattaraugus County
    Bar Association Standards for property transfers.
  • UCC-1 searches and reports.
  • Property identification searches.
  • Last owner reports.
  • Individualized searches of specific county department records.




We are pleased to offer the following services/products to our customers:

  1. OIL AND GAS RIGHTS SEARCHES - Fully guaranteed 150 year or more tax and title searches for oil and gas exploration companies.  Searching public records for oil and gas interests require special considerations and keen searching capabilities. Our title searchers have 25 years or more each of experience in searching Cattaraugus County Records, including ancient documents going back 150 years and more. We understand the importance of ancient documents to the oil and gas exploration industry. Our experienced searchers are used to examining these often difficult to read documents for the information oil and gas companies need. We understand what it takes to properly search out and disclose information that is important to an oil and gas company’s decision to proceed with drilling. That is why we take special care in searching ancient documents to continue to provide proven results.
  2. WIND FARM SEARCHES - Fully guaranteed tax and title searches for wind farm companies covering any period of time required. Our searchers have drawn on their considerable expertise to examine the indices of county records and extract property information of recent and historical documents for wind energy companies’ purposes. We understand what title information is necessary to help wind energy companies make a decision to proceed with acquisition of property rights to harness wind energy.
  3. SPIRAL BOUND EDITION of the recently revised Cattaraugus County Bar Association Rules for title examination – most recently updated on October 18, 2012.
  4. ADDITIONAL “PLAIN COPY” title searches when a new or continued search is ordered from the Company.  Let us provide you with your working copies of searches and save your office staff time in making copies for your file.
  5. PDF COPY TITLE SEARCHES when a new or continued search is ordered from the Company. Have access to the title search you need sooner and be able to examine the search while away from your office, viewing the PDF copy on the Company’s website.

Helpful Note:  Downloading a PDF copy of the search, using  Adobe Reader 10 or higher, allows you to highlight text and make marginal notes without ever having to print the document. Storing the search digitally saves time in accessing the information and saves storage space in your office.