Special Notes



Special note must be made in real estate transactions that include manufactured housing. Many times a house sale and/or loan will involve not only the question of title to the land, but also title to the home itself. All 1995 model manufactured homes constructed after July 1, 1994 are required to have a motor vehicle certificate of title. Pursuant to Article 46 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, title to a manufactured home can only be transferred by Department of Motor Vehicle Title Certificate and similarly, the only way to have a valid lien on the home itself  for mortgage purposes is to have that lien recorded on the title. A guaranteed property title search, by itself, will not guarantee title to or lien on any manufactured home located on the subject property. It is incumbent upon the parties involved to first recognize if a home on the land falls within the definition of a manufactured home with a permanent chassis, and if so, be sure to transfer the title or obtain a lien on the home by way of the title certificate. We recommend that the attorney for the buyer use due diligence in obtaining information from the seller whether a home located on the land is or is not a “manufactured home” before proceeding to closing.



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